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From a studio that borrows money from mommy, two mediocre game makers spent hours, days, and way too much money, to bring you Blacklight! Brace yourself for an adventure so generic, it'll make you say "I kinda like that." With characters that range from bland to not-so-bland! And so many references, you'll say "How did they get away with this crap?" Featuring a story with twists and turns that will probably make you play the game through a second time cuz you missed one stupid little thing!


  • Introducing characters and assets that may have already been used in other titles!
  • We have puzzles that you could've solved in 1st grade!
  • You like investments? We got investments!
  • Quirky jokes that will make you say "Heh. K."
  • Ready to hear everyone's sob story? Go to the camp and listen to them whine about missing their families and other dumb stuff!
  • Bianca (we're not sorry)
  • A seventh feature because we know odd numbers tick people off!


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A new version is out! Now with at least 20% less bugs!

...So the computer the game is on has been broken for the past few days. I fixed it today, but it has halted any work during those days. So again I say we should have a new version up soon.

We are in the process of fixing some bugs, should have a new version up soon.

I found a few bugs, including one that is definitely game-breaking. How do I best communicate the details to you good folks?

Send them to our email! oneiricgamedev@gmail.com) We would be happy to fix them asap.


I am not gonna lie...this is the best game description of all time. I will play it when I get home.

glad to hear that you like it! We hope you like the game half as much as you like the description